Learning Evaluation

Learning evaluation is something that I have been looking at since I started teaching English to business people about 15 years ago. In fact, it was the ability to discuss learning evaluation and training courses in general that helped me to secure my first full-time job in Sweden. Below is my journey in evaluation, given in chronological order, starting from the present.

Quoted in a book

I have been in contact with Will Thalheimer over the last few years and have been implementing his ideas (see below). Will recently contacted me to ask to use an example I shared with him in the second edition of his book.

For me this is recognition from an independent source that I am making progress as a professional.

Co-hosting an online course

Along with my colleague Laureline Rossigneux, at the end of 2019 I co-hosted Will Thalheimer’s online course about Learning Evaluation for a group of 20 colleagues.

Each week we made a summary video about the week before, giving feedback and comments, and looked at the week ahead. This video captures well the style and approach we used.

For me this is an achievement on many levels, predominantly the working relationship that Laureline and I have developed over the last couple of years. It is also the (slow) adoption of the new way of evaluating and being a coach for people that are implementing it.

Removal of L1 evaluations from elearnings

The data from these surveys was, at the best, of low value – and in most cases was not being acted on or even looked at.

This was an achievement as it challenged the use of this data for KPIs, and needed people to recognize that the data was “questionable”