Creating this portfolio and the experience of the course so far has given me two understandings about myself and my work. Firstly, that I had lost contact – or rather felt I had divorced from – my values. Secondly that I construct knowledge socially – I am able to surface and develop knowledge best in conversation.

Therefore I asked a colleague Laureline to talk to me about my portfolio as a way of sharing how the items are related to me, my values and my journey in Learning and Development and unearthing more about them.

I have split the conversation into six separate sections; an introduction and my values; one for each of the portfolio sections (Learning Evaluation, Switch to Online, and Curiosity & Sharing); and two final sections, one covering a common thread and the other how everything leads to my inquiry.

I have attempted to make sense of all this in the section Polishing the Mirror.

The Conversation

Introduction and Values (07:11)

Learning Evaluation (04:13)

Switch to Online (03:34)
Sharing and Curiosity (05:55)
Common Thread (03:42)
Leading to My Inquiry (05:53)