Learning Technologies Conference 2019

The Learning Technologies Conference in London is always an inspiring event, and this year was no exception. I attended six sessions over the two days, I have summarised in this post the top three for me.

Tuesday Collection No.2

This Tuesday how it being a man's world really can be dangerous, how the delight of a good conversation could help learning and how one good dead may not lead to another.

Tuesday Collection #1

This Tuesday: planning your day to stay awake, a great tool to curate what you find rummaging on the net and an expert shares common mistakes in evaluation identified from 30 years of research.

Grabbing a Learning Opportunity

Is the belief in the myth of Learning Styles being fed by a confusion with learning opportunity? “Probably today’s most ubiquitous learning myth is that people have different learning styles and that these learning styles can be diagnosed and used in learning design to create more effective learning interventions.” Debunker Club founder Will Thalheimer .

Can we in training play our part in reducing environmental impact?

Can we in training play our part in reducing environmental impact? I believe we can, and that current trends in learning such as social media, video, webinars, e-learning and MOOCs are moving us there. This blog post is inspired by Will Thalheimer´s article on LinkedIn “When Training Pollutes” challenging us in the training industry on

“You can be in charge of listening to me!”

What is leadership? This is a question that is difficult to answer, however sometimes an answer pops up in the strangest of locations.  I was out in the woods playing with the kids. They decided to build a den. When it was nearly finished I said “I’ll be in charge of covering up the small

In times of change direction is important.

This is of course true for an organization, but also on a personal level – which is what I want to focus on here. With change comes uncertainty, and sometimes the feeling of not knowing where you are heading. ‘Being all at sea’ is a phrase often used to describe this – it comes from