Can we in training play our part in reducing environmental impact?

Can we in training play our part in reducing environmental impact? I believe we can, and that current trends in learning such as social media, video, webinars, e-learning and MOOCs are moving us there. This blog post is inspired by Will Thalheimer´s article on LinkedIn “When Training Pollutes” challenging us in the training industry on

“You can be in charge of listening to me!”

What is leadership? This is a question that is difficult to answer, however sometimes an answer pops up in the strangest of locations.  I was out in the woods playing with the kids. They decided to build a den. When it was nearly finished I said “I’ll be in charge of covering up the small

In times of change direction is important.

This is of course true for an organization, but also on a personal level – which is what I want to focus on here. With change comes uncertainty, and sometimes the feeling of not knowing where you are heading. ‘Being all at sea’ is a phrase often used to describe this – it comes from

Learning Technologies London 2018 – Day 1

The first day was as inspiring as this conference always is. Below are my reflections. The keynote from Rowhit Talwar was about how Emerging Tech is Transforming Lives and how we in the learning and performance area will be affected by this, and how we can use it as an enabler in our work. My personal

Running for millennials.

Even in an age of easy access to data online, it is important to think about how, where and why people want to interact with information. I was recently a marshal at a district swimming competition.  My job was to take a print out of results from the timekeepers’ table poolside to the competition office

Learning & Performance Spheres: Social Psychology

Detailing my thoughts about Learning & Performance Spheres.  Social Psychology influences how we behave in all aspects of life, and therefore in learning and performance at work. This is an area that I have only really been looking at recently, one I feel the least secure in my knowledge of but the one that is

Learning & Performance Spheres: Methods

Detailing my thoughts about Learning and Performance Spheres. Methods have been invented, described, tested, debunked, held as a belief, or a mixture of all or any of these for as long as people have been discussing learning. Below are a few that I have been looking at recently – by no means a complete list